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10KTF Reiterated That Gucci Vault Material Holders Will Receive "Grailed Physicals"

Things are Gucci around the Yugaverse after 10KTF reiterated that Gucci Vault Material holders will get a physical Gucci piece in the future.

During 10KTF’s highly anticipated weekly tweets, the project confirmed that Gucci Vault material holders will receive “grailed physicals” crafted by Wagmi-San and the luxury fashion house, Gucci, in the future.

“Gucci Vault Material turns into grailed physicals made by Wagmi-San and Gucci,” Wen told the community.“Not a sale, a reward.”

The Gucci Vault Material, is a “magical ethereal material will protect you from those that are adversarial,” according to its Opensea description. “Used in combination with other tools and materials, customers will be able to advance Wagmi-San’s goals.”

In total 2,896 Gucci Vault Materials were crafted and given to Gucci Grail holders as a 10KTF Battle Town mission reward last year.

Following yesterday’s post, the Gazette reached out to the leader of the unofficial Gucci Grail Community, GrimyFrankie, to get his thoughts on 10KTF’s Gucci tweet.

“The 10ktf Announcement today (yesterday) was great confirmation for people who are already holding or were interested in 10ktf Gucci Vault materials,” GrimyFrankie said. “Since Gucci Cloth was released a year ago Gucci Grail holders have been aware that the Gucci Cloth is a limited edition physical, so Wen didn’t reveal any new information pertaining to Gucci - however, the acknowledgment was nice.”

10KTF’s tweet about Gucci is just the latest news coming from the house and Yuga Labs since the two company’s singed a multi-year partnership on March 27th.

“We are excited to unveil this multifaceted partnership with Yuga Labs, a leader and creative pioneer in web3,” Robert Triefus, Gucci’s senior executive vice president, corporate and brand strategy, and chief executive of Gucci Vault & Metaverse Ventures, said in a statement to Business of Fashion last month. “This will give us an active role in Otherside and 10KTF’s continuing narrative, unfolding in multiple forms.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will keep you posted on the Gucci Vault Material physical items and will continue to follow all things 10KTF . Stay tuned for updates!

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