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10KTF's Battle Town Season 2 Starts In Four Days. Here's What We Know So Far:

The 10KTF community pulled up a chair, grabbed a bucket of movie popcorn, and watched as Michael Figge announced that Battle Town Season 2 begins in four days and demystified the mechanics behind Wagmi-San's G-Tags to them!

10KTF’s Thursday tweets did not disappoint as the project shared three new videos that covered Battle Town Season 2 and the mechanics behind Wagmi-San’s G-Tag profile photo NFT collection.

To begin, the big takeaway from this week’s posts is that 10KTF’s Battle Town Season 2 will begin in four days.

Battle Town Season 2 will include weekly missions like seaosn1. Further Battle Town Season 2’s interface will be similar to Season 1, “for now,” mobile compatible, and there will be an “auto-optimizer” so it’s easier for big holders to patriciate.

Along with weekly missions, the 10KTF team also announced a new Battle Town game mode where players will be able to earn “Popcorn” rewards.

These “popcorn” rewards will be converted to ERC-1155 NFTs at the end of Battle Town Season 2 and players will be able to combine their popcorn rewards with their G-Tags when the time is right, according to figge.

The introduction of this new play to earn popcorn game wasn’t the only G-Tag information that Figge and Wagmi-San gave the community today.

Further in the videos, 10KTF explained that G-Tag holders will be able to combine G-Tags together to earn rarer Profile photo NFTs.

“10KTF is one of the few projects in the space that hasn’t made a PFP,” Figge said. “Instead we focused on building a community and together we’ve been through many ups and downs. But it means that you already know the story. You already know the characters. You know the events. You know the team. And you know the community.”

At this time, it is still unknown what 10KTF’s PFPs will look like, but it seems that we will find out soon enough!

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of today’s 10KTF tweets. Stay tuned for updates!

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