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A BIG DEAL: An Ape For An Ape Plus 10 ETH

A boring deal occurred at the Bored Ape Yacht Club today as a rare cyborg pizza ape was traded for a puffy vest pizza ape plus 10 Ethereum.

The Deal was announced on Twitter by user @dagg3rhigh after he reached an agreement with crypto influencer and BAYC member @J1mmyeth.

“The biggest investment of my life is the ‘Pizzaborg,’” Dagg3r tweeted. “And I’m in shock right now. I’ve traded my ape 6819 + 10 ETH with @J1mmyeth. Because I F**king believe in apes, LFG APES.”

Several Bored apes were quick to congratulate both parties on the blockbuster deal.

“Amazing and kinda jelly,” CryptoHoarderrr tweeted. “ Good to see the cyborgs finally got some love.”

Dagg3r’s new Bored Ape, “Pizzaborg” is Bored Ape #2794. “Pizzaborg” is a five trait ape featuring the traits he is named after, a cyborg eye and pizza mouth. According to rarity tools, “Pizzaborg” is the 20th rarest Bored Ape.

J1mmyeth’s new Bored Ape #6819 is a seven trait ape also featuring a pizza mouth an angel halo and a puffy vest. According to rarity tools, Bored Ape #6819 is the 45th rarest Bored Ape.

Along with Bored Ape #6819, J1mmyeth also received 10 Eth which is worth over $25,000 USD at the time of this articles publication.

The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Dagg3r for comment on the deal but did not immediately hear back from him.

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