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A Crypto Whale Has Been Circling The Bored Ape Yacht Club Recently and Just Bought 2 Bored Apes

An anonymous user whose been making massive offers on rare apes and who's wallet is connected to another wallet over three million USD worth of stable coins in it recently purchased two bored apes and a couple of serums.

In the last day, Wallet 0x019FFbF2cBeEc4b6fC8934498F3fC12072FED360 has purchased Bored Ape #1815 and Bored Ape #5705 for 92.69 Eth and 129.69 Eth respectively.

Wallet 0x019FF has also recently purchased an M1 and an M2 mutant serum for 21.69 and 36.69 Eth respectively .

Earlier this week, 0x019FF was making waves at the Bored Ape Yacht Club as the anonymous user sent out massive offers on gold fur and mega mutant apes.

While the Bored Ape Gazette does not know who owns wallet 0x019FF we do know that they’re a crypto whale.

Wallet 0x019FF currently holds $1.5 million USD worth of WEth and other assets, according to Etherscan.

Further, Wallet 0x019FF is connected to Wallet 0x01baeA860C7661561c31B1F765CfE8e064fF6De6 based on Eth transfers.

At the time of this articles publication, Wallet 0x01baeA860C7661561c31B1F765CfE8e064fF6De6 has nearly $4,000,000 USD worth of crypto in it, according to Etherscan data.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Wallet 0x019FF and will let you know what they do next!

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