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A Mega Koda Was Purchased Last Night For Over $500,000 USD. The Full Story Here:

An Otherdeed that’s home to a Mega Koda sold last night for 204.96 ETH.

Bored Ape Yacht Club member Nvictus purchased Otherdeed 48882 for 204.96 Eth or $548,000 USD on Friday night.

Otherdeed 48882 is a three-star crystal environment in the infinite expanse with no resources and no artifact. While the land is baron, Otherdeed 48882 is home to one of the worlds rarest Kodas.

Koda 9928 calls Otherdeed 48882 home. Koda 9928 is an amethyst skin creature with rock bottom eyes, a gemmo dome head and is wearing malachite armor. Koda 9928 is also armed with a crystal stabber.

Based on these traits, Koda 9928 is one of Otherside’s 95 mega Kodas.

Following the purchase, BAYC Nvictus took to Twitter and showed the world his rare creature.

“Rank #7 Mega Koda,” Nvictus tweeted along with the diamond and hand emojis.

Following last night’s purchase, Nvictus now holds 16 Otherdeeds.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to monitor the Otherside and let you know about major sales and purchases!

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