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A Real Life Bored Shrewdness: Meet The BAYC Family That Currently Holds 28 Apes+ 23 Dogs Worth $300K

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a tight-knit community, but for these apes, it’s family.

Meet BAYC member, JMRLD and her family.

This real-life bored shrewdness currently holds 28 Bored Apes and 23 Bored Ape Kennel club dogs and is loving every second of being BAYC members.

“It’s really fun for so many reasons, “JMRLD said. “My parents are learning about social media, my sister is learning about investing, I have learned about NFTs and crypto. The silliness of it all also means we spend a lot of time laughing, making puns, sharing Ape related ideas. And if this does turn out to be like Ready Player One (which we think it will), we don’t want anyone getting left behind!”

While it’s been a lot of laughs and fun, also important business. JMRLD’s Bored Ape portfolio is worth 122.22 Eth and their BAKC is worth 28.26 Eth, according to Evaluate. Market. In total, their Ape and dog portfolio is worth 150.48 Eth or a little of $300k USD.

“It’s serious money to manage our portfolio and a big responsibility that I do not take lightly. I’ve had to have tough conversations with Apes as the market shifted and deals needed to change. There have been a few decisions that I now regret. But of course hindsight is always 20/20.”

JMRLD told the gazette her family is very entrepreneurial and that they’re not afraid to take risk.

This high risk tolerance lead them to investing into meme stock AMC back in January. This investment was the first step on their journey to the BAYC and NFTS.

“The gateway to Apes was a crazy Twitter rabbit hole that started in January with AMC and Doge, JMRLD said. “Which then led to Top Shot and Zed, and then Apes.”

During the initial mint, JMRLD saw the apes but didn’t quite get it at first. But she decided to mint some and then sell some anyway.

“BAYC started to get more traction on Twitter so I minted by first ape, #1356, she said. I thought, “ok, cool space-looking dude with a spinner hat. Now what? Still didn’t really get it but could see the fervor growing so went with my gut and minted more. Sold some good ones, without realizing it of course, to mint others on sell out night.”

Going with her gut that night was a great decision. JMRLD wound up staying up all night minting selling and watching the BAYC take form.

“My family definitely thought it was strange but understood the concept of the club & IP benefits, she said. “We had a great time looking at all the different apes out there; it’s so easy to picture a distinct persona for each of them. There’s something universal about it.”

After the brief BAYC market pullback in May/ early June, JMRLD and her family went with her gut again and rolled most of their earnings from AMC, Dodge, etc. into apes.

“I felt like if we didn’t ape in then we probably wouldn’t get another chance,” she said.

Since rolling most of their earning into apes, JMRLD said apes have basically became the everything the family talks about.

“99% of the words that come out of my mouth are about Apes,” she said. “Thank the ape goddess my fiancé hasn’t left me. Luckily my family is always ready to listen to my crazy interests. They started having more to say for themselves once I set them up with their own Twitter accounts, LOL!”

For JMRLD and her family, the BAYC is not a get rich quick scheme. JMRLD told the Gazette that her and her family plan to be apes for life and they have no plans of selling.

“Heck no we aren’t selling,” she said. “I taught my family that paper hands fold and we have diamond hands!”

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