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Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Joined The Bored Ape Yacht Club Yesterday Evening

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is the latest A-list celebrity to join the Bored Ape Yacht Club after getting onboarded by Moonpay.

“Joined @BoredApeYC ready for the reveal, Platrow tweeted along with an animated video of Bored Ape #6141 yesterday evening. “Thanks @moonpay concierge.”

In the video, the six-trait brown fur primate takes off her blindfold and WW2 pilot helmet and lets her blonde hair down. Paltrow also verified her bored ape using Twitter Blue’s new NFT ownership verification system.

“Happy to help,” Moonpay tweeted back at the actress after her post. “We (heart emoji) to see the verified pfp! Kudos to @idrawanimation for the creative direction.”

Moonpay originally purchased Bored Ape #6141 on November 15th for 50 Eth and transferred the primate to Paltrow yesterday.

After apeing into the club, BAYC members welcomed Paltrow while many of her fans wondered what was happening.

The BAYC is not Paltrow’s first experience with cryptocurrency. In recent months, the actress has teamed up with Cash App to give away Bitcoin during the holiday season, according to her Twitter feed.

Paltrow is just the latest in a growing list of celebrities to join the BAYC with the help of Moonpay. As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Lil Baby, Jimmy Fallon, Paris Hilton, among others have all been onboarded by the crypto payment company.

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