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AdamMetaverse Bought A Zombie Punk for 420 Eth Yesterday And He's Interested In Buying More Grails

Things were anything but boring across the Yugaverse this weekend after AdamMetaverse, AKA Little Fish, made a big splash and bought an undead CryptoPunk for a meme-able amount of Eth!

On Sunday, AdamMetaverse purchased CryptoPunk #3609 from Wallet 0x8f58b7d6f42e56964ce5c6c2dbd2a5b45db25a5f, who has held the Punk for over two years, for 420 Eth or $682,600 USD.

“I'm very excited to finally get my hands on this kind of blue chip of the most iconic collection,” AdamMetaverse told the Gazette. “I've thought a lot about what to buy between a golden ape and a zombie punk and decided to go with the zombie because of the full consensus punks are getting.”

CryptoPunk #3609 is a two attribute Zombie type Punk with a do-rag and an earring. Based on these traits, CryptoPunk #3609 is the 211th most punk CryptoPunk, according to Rarity Tools.

Prior to purchasing his Zombie Punk yesterday, AdamMetaverse has also pubically posted about getting an Alien Punk in the future.

“I'm looking to buy an alien #cryptopunk, original or V1, in a price that reflects the market today, he tweeted on September 8th. “Any help would be appreciated.”

Ater purchasing his Zombie yesterday, AdamMetaverse told the Gazette that he’s still interested in buying an Alien Punk if the price is right.

“I'm still looking to buy an alien but for now it looks like the prices of them are not correlated with the market at all,” he said. “I believe bear market is the best time to buy great assets and I believe that's what I've done with this zombie.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow AdamMetaverse and will let you know what he does next! Stay tuned for updates!

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