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After Accidentally Selling His Bored Ape For $1.80 USDC, The BAYC Community Comes To His Aid

Earlier today a Bored Ape was accidently sold for a 99.9% discount after Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Stoned Abu misread an offer on Opensea.

“I’m honestly new to the whole Crypto/NFT space,” Abu said. “So I guess it all could’ve been avoided had I known better.”

According to Abu, when he went to accept the Opensea offer there was some confusion with the Eth and USDC logos that were displayed. Abu told the Bored Ape Gazette that he didn’t see that the USDC logo until the end of the transaction.

“I was honestly more upset at myself than at the scammer,” Abu said. “Stupid mistake caused by inexperience but also confused at how the platform would let that type of thing happen.”

However not all hope was lost for Abu. The BAYC community sprang into action after the accidental sale was posted all over Twitter.

Let’s see how powerful the #BAYC really is,” BAYC member @goodmontheth tweeted. “Can we get 36 @BoredApeYC to send .05 ETH to get @StonedAbu the 1.8 ETH they thought they were getting? I kno bruh! I kno it’s not our fault either but this is the power of community.”

After this tweet, seven apes have already donated .05 ETH each to Abu.

“I don’t know Stoned Abu, but the ape took it on the jaw,” goodmontheth said. “He put his mistake out there in the ape sphere and I felt like, I got a grip of banana lightening so let’s see if others are willing to let it bang for a fellow ape. To me, it’s an oppty for the community to make a statement of positivity and being helpful.”

Abu was moved to see how quickly the BAYC community came to his side not only monetarily, but also emotionally.

“This community is amazing though man,”Abu said.”Even before anyone brought up giving me ETH, just knowing people had my back and were angry at the scammer with me was amazing.”

With the Eth Abu hopes to get another Bored Ape, which he says was the reason he even tried to sell his ape in the first place.

If you’re interested in donating to Abu, feel free to DM him on Twitter @StonedAbu or send ETH to his wallet here: 0x740A3e83598d98824Cf43553D56dfE12B9537f25

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