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After An Accidental Offer This BAYC Member Traded up From A Dog To An Ape

Dr. Burry Is known around the Bored Ape Yacht Club for his daily bot offers to members, but today he made this Bored Ape an offer he couldn’t refuse.

BAYC member Jbondwagon was looking at his Opensea collection last night when it coincidentally came across an offer from Dr. Burry for his Bored Ape Kennel Club pink fur dog for 4 eth.

“I saw it by accident as I was just scanning through my collection before I slept last night,” Jbond said. “No email notification too. Apparently a lot of others saw the offer too but weren’t able to accept it already. This is likely a bot glitch but I can’t say no to the bag.”

Jbond quickly accepted the offer on his pup and couldn’t believe what just happened. “I am really shocked about it,” he said. “But it’s a great experience.”

The BAKC dog Jbond sold was BAKC #7424. BACK #7424 is a pink fur dog with goofy eyes and a gold links chain. The floor price of this particular dog is 1 ETH, according to Rarity tools.

“Wow, Marty Mcape tweeted. “Dr burry saving lives.”

While many in the BAYC shared Mcape’s sentiment and found the situation humorous, some apes voiced their support of Dr. Burry and the liquidity he provides to the BAYC market.

“Dr. Burry provides instant liquidity, BAYC member,” STiICT tweeted. ”And if you were to ever make a fat fingered mistake that his bot picked up and contact him, he would return it no questions asked for 0 profit. This was a bot error, and shouldn't be celebrated IMO.”

While apes opinions differ on this situation, one thing is clear. The money from this sale is going to make a difference in Jbond’s ape portfolio.

After the sale, Jbond bought the BAYC floor and purchased Bored Ape #7229 for 5.35 ETH. “My cvrsed art sold for 1E and I had some Eth to work around to buy floor ape,” he said.

Jbond has not yet named his new ape, but he is open to any suggestions from the community!

Be sure to follow Jbond on twitter @jbondwagon

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