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After This CryptoPunk sold 10 Authoglyphs For 5,000 Eth, He Bought More Meebits And Punks!

Monday's are for making moves as OldSchoolCollection AKA SethS, who describes himself as one of the largest CryptoPunk holders and an all-around NFT whale, sold his 10-piece Autoglyphs collection for 5,000 Eth or $14,536,000 USD, and then used some of the proceeds to purchase more Punks and sweep the Meebit floor!

The Web3 world shared an audible gasp after NFT Now reported that the crypto art brokerage platform, Fountain, facilitated an eight-figure deal for 10 Autoglyph NFTs between Punk Holder OldSchoolCollection and an anonymous traditional art collection.

 “Today’s acquisition demonstrates the enduring conviction collectors have for digital art on the blockchain,” Senior Specialist at Fountain, Noah Davis told NFT Now. “Securing a full set of Autoglyphs — hands down, the most important early collection of generative art on Ethereum — is nothing short of a legendary achievement. The team at Fountain is delighted to have played our role in the sourcing, negotiation and settlement of this historic purchase.”

As the Web3 space celebrated this art collection’s purchase, OldSchoolCollection went shopping for more Larva Labs created NFTs buying 26 Meebits and three Punks!


After OldSchoolCollecrtion’s wheeling and dealing today, this whale now holds 162 CryptoPunks, 94 Meebits, 668 V1 CryptoPunks, and six more Autoglyphs!

Take a look at some of OldSchoolCollectoin’s best works of art including an out of this world Alien Punk!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow OldSchoolCollection and will let you know what this whale does next. Stay tuned for updates!

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