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AIP 64 APE Coin Festival Bringing NFT Communities Together Is Now On The Ballot At The ApeCoin DAO

A new Ape Improvement Proposal is on the ballot this week at the ApeCoin DAO that asks $Ape holders for their thoughts on an Ape Coin festival.

AIP 64 is titled “APE Coin Festival - Bringing NFT Communities Together,” is a Brand Decision AIP that was submitted by ApeCoin DAO member SSP1111 AKA Bored Ape Yacht Club member HopiumLabs.

The purpose of this proposal is to determine whether the community believes that the idea of an ApeCoin conference is feasible and a good decision for the DAO. This proposal is NOT pitching or planning an event, according to the AIP.

“This AIP is proposing to do the legwork to secure letters of interest from various NFT Communities, Brands, Sponsors, Venues and Event Cos BEFORE drafting a separate proposal for putting together a DAO-Owned and Managed Conference & Festival - aka Web3 Village,” HopiumLabs wrote.

In the AIP, HopiumLabs explained that he came up with the idea for an ApeCoin festival after he attended Ape Fest earlier this summer.

“As NFT-NYC showed this past week, IRL events are a great way to bring online communities together, he wrote. “Further, it was clear as day that if all the satellite events joined up to create a space where attendees could walk from project to project, where combined resources would save major $$$ while elevating activations, and where a master calendar would help avoid scheduling conflicts, the effort would be well received.”

In total, HopiumLabs expects this AIP to cost less than $10,000 USD and believes that by September, there could have a pitch deck made for a Web3 Village style festival.

The Bored Ape Gazette will bring you a full interview with HopiumLabs regarding his AIP tomorrow evening.

Stay tuned for continued coverage!

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