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AIP-91 Proposes The Creation Of A Marketplace Where Verified Community Members Can Connect& Collab

There’s an Ape Improvement Proposal on the ballot this week that aims to make a marketplace for verified members of the Ape community to connect and collaborate.

AIP-91 titled “Platform to connect talent within the Ape community” is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by BAYC member Holocronape.

“One of the perks of being an Ape is belonging to one of the strongest communities within the Web3 world but sometimes it’s hard to communicate what you can do for the community or what the community can do for you,” Holocronape wrote in his proposal. “This AIP proposes the creation of a platform that facilitates the connection of talent and needs between the Ape community: BAYC, MAYC, BAKC and ApeCoin holders.”

In his proposal, Holocronape explained that he came up with this the idea of a marketplace for apes sell their skills after reading a Discord exchange.

“A few weeks ago, an Ape needed a higher resolution of his PFP for merch using his MAYC, when offering me on Discord, another Ape said that days before he hired an external person to do that job for him, if he had known, he would have preferred to contact someone within the Ape community and I quote you what he said 'I’d rather invest into someone who is in a project im in rather than paying someone I’ve never had contact with…keep it in the family so to speak.' This was the seed of the creation of this AIP," Holocronape wrote in his proposal.

In order to connect create this platform, Holocronape is asking the ApeCoin DAO for 23,000 $Ape which equates to $131,100 USD at the time of this article’s publication.

“The funds obtained in this AIP will provide us with enough help to finance the development of the project bases (1.0), fixing possible bugs in the future/minor updates, help center and maintenance costs in the time window of a year since the platform is ready in production (4 months + 12 months), Holocronape wrote.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working on a Question-and-Answer article with Holocronape to find out more about him and his proposal. Stay tuned for updates!

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