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ALTS By Adidas Holders Can Now BuyA Key And Pick Their ALT(er) Ego Type. The Full Story Here:

Adidas’ The Rift Valley Motel opened its doors today and Into the Metaverse holders are welcome to come in, reserve a room, and pick their desired ALT(er) Ego type for the company’s highly anticipated profile photo project, “ALTS by Adidas.”

“ALT[er] Ego Key claim is now live,” Adidas’ Bored Ape, Indigo Herz, tweeted this afternoon. “Limited to 3500 keys. You can claim the Universal Key now, which will allow you to make a reservation for your ALT[er] Ego starting April 24 to May 1. First come, first served. Keys grant access to 70% of the current supply of each Ego. After you have claimed your key, your key will appear on your ALTS by adidas NFT metadata.”

At the time of this article’s publication, over 3,000 keys are still available, according to Adidas’ website. Take a look at the key’s pricing below:

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Into The Metaverse holders are able to burn their current NFT for an ALTS by Adidas dynamic NFT that will change based on the holders choices and ALT(er) Ego type. This burn marks the beginning of Adidas' journey deeper into Web3.

Note, the keys that Adidas is selling are optional and ALTS by Adidas holders who do not purchase a key will have their NFTs randomly placed into one of the eight ALT(er) Ego types next month.

Take a look at the eight ALT(er) Ego types below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Adidas and will keep you posted on all things ALTS! Stay tuned for updates.

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