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An Anonymous Problem Solver Cracked This Week's Twelvefold Puzzle. Learn How They Solved It Here:

Web3 enthusiasts from the blockchain community competed to solve Yuga Labs' fourth Twelvefold Tuesday puzzle yesterday evening, and an unknown problem solver was the first to crack it. Meanwhile, the 'Builder and destroyer of puzzles,' Jtobcat, shared the solution with the community on Twitter!

Yuga Labs' blockchain brain teaser this week was no easy feat, requiring the puzzling skills of a 'titan' to decipher.

Within an hour of Yuga Labs sharing the puzzle on social media, the company announced that it had a winner.

"While we do not know the identity of this mystery problem solver, we do have the solution to this week’s puzzle, thanks to Jtobcat, the first-ever solver of a Twelvefold puzzle.

In Jtobcat's eight part Twitter thread, the 'Builder and destroyer of puzzles’ broke down how each of the five Twelvefold art pieces from this weeks’ problem had interesting sentences below them.

“In the flavor text is the phrase "how a work is inscribed", Jtobcat wrote. “This refers to the fact each ordinal is inscribed to an individual sat with a number ranging from 1-2100000000000000. The first twelvefold 237 has a Satpoint of 421850667807840. Going back to the flavor text we see the phrase "different lengths". With the Satpoint being 15 digits long and the phrase for 237 also being 15 words long, this is a clue to take the difference between them (word length, punctuation removed vs sat number). Most give 0, but a few result in a number that is smaller than the word length, a hint to use the number to index into the word to get a letter.”

From there, Jtobcat determined that the five Twelvefold pieces and sentences spelled out the question, 'ARTIST ALSO CALLED DA CADORE.' He then wrote that the answer to the question was 'TITAN.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs will release a new puzzle every Tuesday, based on their Bitcoin generative art project, Twelvefold, from now until November 28th, 2023. The first person to solve the puzzle will win 0.12 BTC. Everyone in the crypto ecosystem is invited to participate and attempt to solve Yuga Labs' blockchain brain teasers."

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Yuga Labs’ Twelvefold Tuesdays and will let you know who wins next week. Stay tuned for updates!

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