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ANIMATED ACTION:BAYC Member Keezi Is Looking To Bring Your Primate To Life With Her New 'Keezi Pass'

Keezi, an artist and Ape animator, aims to bring the Bored Ape Yacht Club to life with his new Keezi Card animation pass collection!

From saying 'Hi Barbie' and grabbing a Grimace shake to celebrating the Fourth of July and Mutant Mondays, BAYC member Keezi has been entertaining the Web3 community for almost two years and now wants to involve his fellow primates in the animated action!

“Introducing the Keezi Card, she tweeted. “Your access card into the KeeziVerse As a proud holder, you get to: STAR in creations like #MiniApe animations, #APEFighter, and future series! Be the FIRST to claim new Keezi Derivatives Bring YOUR IP to life with us PLUS, Unlock exclusive virtual experiences Enjoy discounts on #KeeziMerch Mint future Keezi NFTs for FREE FOR LIFE!”

“I've been on a two-year journey crafting story," Keezi told the Gazette. “There's something magical about transforming an NFT into a living character, experiencing web3 in its full narrative glory. Keezi Card is my way of spreading that enchantment. It's not just about bringing NFTs to life, but infusing them with unique personalities through animations, upcoming video games, and personalized merch. For my fellow Apes, Keezi Card is an invitation to evolve your JPEGs beyond static imagery. It's about making your NFT a star in the ape universe."

In total, Keezi is selling 305 Keezi Cards for .5 Eth each on Manifold. Apes who are interested in picking one up can do so here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Keezi’s Web3 journey and will keep you updated on his future animations!

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