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APE ANNIVERSARY: The ApeCoin DAO Turned Two Years Old Today!

It’s a day of celebration across the Yuga Labs ecosystem as Apes, $Apes, Voyagers, Punks, Meebs, Moonbirds, and more wish PP Man and the ApeCoin DAO a very Happy Birthday!

Two years ago today, the ApeCoin DAO launched, and the Yugaverse got its first look at its new governance token, $Ape!

“Bored Apes as a culture represents this generation,” Former ApeCoin Special Council member and Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu said in a Twitter Space during the DAO’s launch. “This zeitgeist, this sort of moment where you know it's the expression of the current culture of where we are with what NFTs mean, so it's historic and the ApeCoin is sort of the beginning of expanding that culture towards larger groups. And that's what we think here. You know it's how do you get more people to combine with this and to join it and this is kind of the role of the DAO.”

While $Ape’s price may be down since then, the community has grown to over 145,000 unique wallets and the DAO’s Snapshot has grown to 24,000 members, according to Etherscan and Red Vulkan’s Dune Analytics.

As more holders become active in the $Ape ecosystem, the community has been busy approving 97 Ape Improvement Proposals and distributing grants to projects such as ThankApe, the Digital Art Movement, and more since the launch!

Looking forward to the next year, things look ape-ish for the ApeCoin ecosystem.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the DAO selected the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team to build the ecosystem an  ApeChain on February 15th.

This new ApeChain will feature $Ape as its native gas token, will generate revenue for the DAO via a transaction fees, will have low gas fees, will have customizable code that the community can change, and will let $Ape holders govern ApeChain, according to the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team proposal.


While we do not know exactly when ApeChain will launch, we do know that the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team believes it will be up and running between May and August, 2024.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the ApeCoin DAO and looks forward to celebrating ApeCoin’s birthday for years to come! Stay tuned for updates!

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