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$Ape Marketplace Snag Solutions Updated Its Plans A Bit Based On Community Input.The Full Story Here

After asking the community for its input on Saturday, the ApeCoin DAO’s official marketplace, Snag Solutions, made a couple changes to its plans.

“Thank you all for the feedback,” Snag Solutions tweeted Monday evening. “We'll continue to listen to the community but based on early responses we'll: 1/ Move forward with as our auditor. 2/ Look to replace 1-2 signers to reduce the number connected to Snag Solutions.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, over the weekend Snag Solutions gave the community an update on who it will recommend to audit its code, who its proposed multi-sig signers will be, and when Snag Solutions will be live.

In the eight-part Twitter thread, Snag Solutions proposed that, which is led by BAYC member Alex Mccurryo, audit the marketplace’s code and that the following seven BAYC members be signers for the marketplace’s multi-sig wallet.

1. @ap3father

2. @veratheape

3. @tropoFarmer

4. @champtgram

5. @novocrypto

6. @GratefulApe_eth

7. @Zheerwagen (option to replace with @CopyCheatStealafter set up)

Based on today's update, will be used to audit the marketplace's code and one or two of these proposed multi-sig signers will be changed.

Along with these recommendations, Snag Solutions also laid out its current timeline for when its marketplace will go live.

Check out the current timeline below:

10/7 - ERC-20 dev complete

10/10 - audit starts

10/28 - audit v1 completed & published, bounty program launches (more to come)

11/05 - audit complete!

“The marketplace is set to launch in early November with the above in mind,” Snag Solutions tweeted.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Snag Solutions and will let you know more about the marketplace as more information is released.

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