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APE PROFILE: Seven Boring Questions With The“Most Bored And Boring Of All The Bored Apes"

It’s been a little over a month since the Bored Ape Yacht Club opened for business and since then some apes have already amassed big Twitter followings.

One of those apes is Bored Ape #6743, known as Boring Bored Ape on Twitter.

Boring Bored Ape is a six trait unshaven ape rocking both the BAYC shirt and hat, according to rarity tools.

Boring Bored Ape has amassed a Twitter following 2,300 user through boring and mundane content.

On a typical day Boring Bored Ape tweets about boring tasks such as brushing his teeth or what kind of water taste the best.

Bored Boring Ape has not only entertained the BAYC with his overly boring content, but he has also worked hard to bring bored apes together by creating the “Boring List of Bored Apes” on Twitter. This list features 1,337 members and has 587 followers.

It is no question that Boring Bored Ape is one of the leading boring voices in the BAYC community. The Bored Ape Gazette had the opportunity to sit down with the self proclaimed most boring Bored Ape and ask him some questions regarding his ape, his role models, tips on staying bored, and his personal message to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about the possibility of him getting a blue checkmark.

Question 1. What drew you to your specific ape?

Boring Bored Ape: “He had bored eyes and mouth which was perfectly fitting with the BAYC theme. That also gave me the idea to become the most boring of all apes and Boring Bored Ape was born. Boring fact: there is only 19 apes with double merch which makes #6743 quite rare eventually.”

Question 2. What Twitter celebs inspire you and why?

Boring Bored Ape: “Kim Kardashian because she built her celebrity and created a billion dollars brand out of practically nothing. Also I'm a big fan of @punk4156 and what they build around their punk. And Pranksy because he has a blue check.”

Question 3. When did you know you were indeed the most boring ape?

Boring Bored Ape: “When my tweets about me drinking tap water got more likes than some some of the cryptopunks tweets.”

4. What’s the most boring thing you did recently?

Boring Bored Ape: “Watched the same movie twice. It wasn't even exciting the first time. Driking tap water at a bar was also very boring.”

5. Have you ever done anything even remotely exciting?

Boring Bored Ape: “I try to avoid to do anything remotely exciting but it's a constant, everyday struggle. Exciting things keep coming at me but I have some techniques to #StayBored like listening to the same song I've been listening for 20 years or think about Meebits.”

6. Where do you see your ape a year from now?

Boring Bored Ape: “I see my ape with more followers than Kim Kardashian and on TV all around the world doing commercials for BAYC merch and other luxury brands.”

7. Have you applied for a blue checkmark yet? If you have and didn’t get it, what would you like to say to Jack Dorsey about this travesty?

Boring Bored Ape: “No and I don't plan to because I have my banana checkmark already. Actually I want @jack to beg me to accept the blue checkmark which I will politely decline.”

Be sure to tune in to the Bored Ape Gazette for more coverage on the Boring Bored Ape and be sure to follow him on Twitter @ape6743

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