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APE TALK: Horizen Labs Is Hosting A Twitter Space On $Ape Staking Tomorrow Afternoon

Horizen Labs, the company that built the ApeCoin DAO’s staking system, is hosting an $Ape staking Twitter Space tomorrow afternoon.

$APE Staking Update: Twitter Spaces is back on,” Horizen Labs tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “Wed 11/9 @ 1pm ET, join ApeCoin DAO member & Horizen Labs Prez Dean Steinbeck + Product & Engineering superstars on what it took to get this beast built and ready for launch.”

During tomorrow’s space, Steinbeck told the Gazette that he and his team will give the community an overview of the platform along with answering common questions the company has received so far.

Recently, the ApeCoin DAO has received a lot of new information about the ApeCoin staking system.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Horizen Labs released a seven part document on staking in mid-October and they also released a new hour long staking video last week.

The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during tomorrow’s staking Twitter Space and will bring you a full recap of the conversation. If you’re interested in attending the talk, here is the link:

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