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ApeTalent Teased The Community With A Coming Soon Post Recently. Find Out More About The Project:

ApeCoin DAO funded project “ApeTalent” teased the community with a new trailer last week.

“A new day dawns in apetalent, closer to being able to open the doors #GM,” the project tweeted on November 15th.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the ApeCoin DAO voted to fund AIP-91 titled “Platform to connect talent within the Ape community” AKA ApeTalent on September 28th.

As a result of AIP-91 getting passed, the DAO allocated 23,000 $Ape to fund the project.

Since that time, ApeTalent has been working hard to get its site up and to get apes connecting with other talented apes!

“We are working very hard to reach the estimated deadline (late December - early January)," ApeTalent Founder Holocronape told the Gazette. “We’re quite advanced, around 60-70% of the platform but there are things to polish like UI/UX… and some new functionality that we didn't initially plan to include in the release, but it is something that we think will be quite useful. We are very excited to be able to open the doors and start getting feedback from the community.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ApeTalent and will let you know when the site goes live! To find out more about ApeTalent check out the project’s AIP here:

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