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Applied Primate Engineering Is Kicking Off Its Sentinel Mint Tomorrow. Here's What You Need To Know:

After six Mega Mutant Apes mysteriously disappeared this weekend, Applied Primate Engineering is set to kick off the next chapter of the project’s story with its Sentinels mint.

After an intense month of battles between Applied Primate Engineering Scientists and those who chose Simian Path, six Mega Mutant Apes disappeared right before a climactic battle could ensue on Sunday.

“Earlier today, as the two factions of the Mega Mutant Melee geared up for their most epic battle yet, one by one, all 6 Megas who were set to fight suddenly disappeared into thin air,” Applied Primate Engineering tweeted along with insane footage of the phenomenon on April 2nd.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the disappearance of the six Mega Mutant Apes marked the next chapter of Applied Primate Engineering’ storyline that begins with the project’s Sentinel mint.

“Today’s events marked the end of a year of storytelling for us,” Applied Primate Engineering Founder PTM previously told the Gazette. “But the end of one phase is the jumping off point for the next one. Wednesday’s MegaForce mint is the beginning of a huge leap for us in the gaming space. The Sentinels are coming and together they’ll explore the metaverse searching for the Megas. I’m excited to see what else they’ll find on their journey.”

As the community prepares to explore the expanded Yugaverse, Applied Primate Engineering released more information on its upcoming mint.

Applied Primate Engineering’s Sentinel Mint will take place over three phases beginning tomorrow at 12 P.M. EST. During phase one, Applied Primate Keycard holders and Allegiance Pass holders will be able to mint.

The second phase, which starts this Friday, April 7th, at 12 P.M. EST, will be for Applied Primate’s partner collections: Jenkinsthevalet, MutantHounds, CrazyCryptoCarl, MythDivision, 247ComicsHQ, and Goblintown. This phase will have a max supply of 10,000 Sentinels.

Following phase two, the third and final phase of Applied Primate’s Sentinel mint will take place on Sunday, April 9th beginning at 12 P.M. EST for BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, and Otherdeed Holders. This phase will also have a max supply of 10,000 Sentinels.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Applied Primate Engineering’s Sentinel mint and will keep you posted on the fate of all ApeKind. Stay tuned for updates!

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