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APPROVED: The ApeCoin DAO Will Fund The Creation Of A Yuga Labs Centric Physical Magazine

After a week of voting, the ApeCoin DAO overwhelmingly approved of the creation of a Yuga Labs centric physical magazine.

The ApeCoin DAO approved of Ape Improvement Prooposal-169 titled “Beyond the SWAMP: Bimonthly ApeCoin & Yuga Labs Focused Magazine + NFT,” written by longtime Bored Ape Yacht Club member AllCityBAYC.

“Feeling inspired,” AllCityBAYC told the Gazette after the vote. “Grateful to have been able to connect with so many awesome people who gave so much support in the last six days. Also, super excited to being able to enter the organization and creative stages now. Two things I’m really passionate about.”

As a result of last night’s vote, the ApeCoin DAO will allocate $52,500 USD to AllCityBAYC so he can start his magazine business and print the first issue of Beyond the SWAMP!

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Beyond the SWAMP magazine’s coverage will focus on the ApeCoin DAO, the expanded Yugaverse, and the various groups doing interesting things with their Yuga Labs assets. Further, Beyond the SWAMP magazine will also feature art from various artists in the Web3 Space, according to AllCityBAYC.

After the DAO approved of Beyond the SWAMP, AllCityBAYC took to the Beyond the SWAMP's social media page and announced that he’s looking for content creators, artists, and advertisers.

“Would love for everyone to give the new project profile a follow @beyondtheswamp1,” AllCityBAYC told the Gazette. “Where we have three Tweets up on the timeline for content creators, business owners and artists to all start getting involved. Really looking forward to seeing what starts popping up and reaching back out to everyone. This project is all about community, so the more people we can get involved the better.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Beyond the SWAMP magazine and will let you know when the first issue becomes available for purchase! Stay tuned for updates.

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