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As Players Ape Into The Forge, Yuga Labs' CGO Reminded Them That Its A 'Marathon Not A Sprint'

As HV-MTL holders ape into the Forge, Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer took to Twitter and warned players to not burn themselves out!

Its Forging Friday around the swamp and Hv-MTL holders and their Mechs are making some real headway on their HV-Homes!

As players build, vibe, and clean up oil shit around the clock, Yuga Labs’ CGO, Spencer Tucker, reminded the community that the Forge is a game of attrition!

“Slow burn folks, pace yourselves and vibe, play with friends, build cool shit, share it, strategize, this is a marathon not a sprint ;-),” he wrote,

The HV-MTL Forge is made up of six seasons that last three weeks each, according to Yuga Labs' gaming guide. This means that Season six of the HV-MTL Forge won’t end until November 2023!

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the goal of the Forge is to build and flex your Hv’s homes to earn Amps, allowing you to evolve your Mech form its EV01 evolution to its Evo2 form.

Note, players will need to earn at least three AMPs over the Forge’s six seasons to unlock the next evolution of their HVs, according to the gaming guide.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of the Forge and will keep you posted on all things HV-MTL. Stay tuned for updates!

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