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BEHIND THE APE: Meet The Man Behind BAYC Member CryptoPainter And Find Out About His Work

Crypto Twitter is filled with anonymous users who are known by their profile photos, but Bored Ape Yacht Club artist, CryptoPainter, decided it was time to reveal his true identity.

“Hi everyone. I’ve decided to no longer remain anonymous," CryptoPainter Tweeted.“ I’d like to say hello and here’s my official IMDB with some of my credits. “

In the tweet, CrpytoPainter included a link to his IMDB, which identified him as lead concept artist and lead digital matte painter ,Richard S Lee.

Based on the IMDB link, Lee has worked on projects such as The Amazing Spiderman, Hunger Games, Mission: Impossible 7, among other well-known movies and shows.

“Wow, what an incredible body of work,” Topshotfund commented after Lee’s announcement. “Honestly not surprised given the quality of your art.”

During his time in the BAYC, Lee has created several notable works such as BAYC Vs. Meetbits and Fresh Camel Meats. These pieces resonated well with the community and made him quite the figure at the club.

After much consideration, Lee decided now was the right time for him to reveal his true identity.

“After talking to some of my friends and other artists who remain anonymous, I decided hiding my identity will take away from me creating art,” Lee said.

While Lee decided to reveal himself to the BAYC, he is quite good at keeping secrets.

In his professional career, Lee recently worked on the Disney Plus show, The Mandalorian. During that time, Lee kept quiet about the existence of Grogu AKA Baby Yoda.

"Mandalorian was great. The hardest part was not talking about Baby Yoda for a year," Lee said. “I think for about a month, we’re like you sure,” Lee said. “We would ask the producers, you sure this isn’t Baby Yoda? This thing looks like Yoda lol.”

Currently, Lee is taking a break from the film industry but is considering whether or not to work on the upcoming Mission Impossible 8 movie.

While Lee’s not sure what’s next in his professional career, he does know what he plans to do regarding the BAYC community.

“I just want the BAYC community to know I love the community and I'll keep producing sick art,” Lee said. “Everyone knows my background and my credit list now so they know my capabilities.”

Be sure to follow Lee on Twitter @painter_crypto and be sure to check out his work here:

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