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BLAST OFF: This CEO Just Purchased A Laser Eyed Astronaut Bored Ape For 347 Eth or $1.42 Million USD

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The CEO of Blockchain technology company Chain joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club with a bang, an error, and a new friendship after purchasing a robot fur laser eyed astronaut bored ape.

Deepak Thapliyal aped into the BAYC earlier today purchasing Bored Ape #9452 for 347 Eth or $1.42 Million USD.

Bored Ape #9452 is a six trait robot fur ape wearing a space suit with laser eyes, a beanie and a bored pipe mouth. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #9452 is the 258th most rare ape, according to Rarity Tools.

“I’ve been highly interested in the BAYC NFTs since I saw @StephenCurry30 update his profile pic to his recent ape purchase, Thapliyal tweeted after the purchase. “So I decided to “ape” in and buy my very own, but being my first NFT I wanted to buy the right one, something that I could relate with in some capacity.”

The ape that Thapliyal could relate to turned out to be Bored Ape #9452.“The NFT reminded me of myself, he tweeted. “I love space, bullish on Bitcoin (Laser Eyes) have a scruff, and enjoy a cigar. I work constantly and have been called robotic my whole life as well.”

After a few days, Thapliyal moved his Eth and prepared to make his move, but then he had a slight mistake and accidentally sent BAYC member John Knopf too much Eth, according to his Twitter thread.

“What happened was I was on my mobile wallet looking at his address on Etherscan just when I was about to go bid. Opensea on mobile doesn’t have an Etherscan external button (from what I saw at the time) so I had to copy his address and go there and paste it to see it. The reason I did this was to see if he was active yet to accept my bid or not. After I placed my originally bid, I had to move 230 ETH to another wallet in mobile. I _thought_ the copy button for the address I was sending too was pressed properly. PS: I was multi tasking. So I went back to my other wallet and hit “paste” and hit send quickly without reviewing it thinking ‘everything is fine.’ It wasn’t. I guess my copy button didn’t work or I didn’t hit it right and it pasted the address from the seller.I quickly realized this and tried to send him a transaction with a data field message that asked to return the money. I tried a few diff converters to get the text to convert on mobile and thought the wallet would auto parse out the spaces on the conversion. I finally took spaces out manually via a mobile phone (took a few mins) then missed a space and had to do it again (mind you I’m moving quickly to try to get the message out ASAP). Finally getting the message out but no funds were sent back. Thankfully I found Johns Twitter.”

Thapliyal and Knopf were able to get in contact via Twitter. In the end, Thapliyal got his funds back and paid 347 Eth for Bored Ape #9452!

“Odd way to start but very nostalgic to “aping in” as it goes, Thapliyal tweeted. “Funny story to tell my kids one day when I give them this ape. Thanks to John for being a standup guy and returning my ETH and giving me a discount of what I was prepared to spend already.”

After the sale, Knopf took to Twitter to thank the BAYC and BAYC member Jeff Nicholas for changing his life.

“I bought my ape for .08 on minting night and just sold it for 347 ETH,” Knopf tweeted. “I am at a loss for words right now. I am crying so much. Thank you @BoredApeYC for completely changing my life and everyone in the community!!!! And thank you @_jeffnicholas_ for telling us all to buy them!”

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