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Bored Apes And CryptoPunks Can Get An Airdrop From Layer 1 Protocol, SAGA! Find Out More:

Its token time around the swamp after SAGA, a layer 1 Protocol, announced that Bored Ape Yacht Club Members and CryptoPunks could join its ecosystem and claim some coins!

On Thursday, SAGA, ‘a Layer 1 protocol that allows developers to automatically spin up parallelized and interoperable dedicated chains that elastically scale with their Web3 application needs,’ announced that BAYC Members and CryptoPunks were invited to join its ecosystem and get a Genesis drop token allocation.

 The opportunity for the Yugaverse to ape into SAGA came about, in part, thanks to the work of the BAYC’s community-led airdrop program, Apes+.


“I could never take credit for teams looking to include Apes,” Ape+’s DareVader told the Gazette. “I’m just happy that we get to be a part of the process and bring some much needed joy to this space. And yeah, it feels great! We’re at a time now that it’s not about reminding the space of the weight Apes carry but more so reminding each other that we do in fact matter. People want to share these opportunities with groups like Apes because they want to touch some of that greatness. So I’m extremely excited for more companies that want to collaborate with Apes and APES+ in general.”

After yesterday’s SAGA announcement, Boring Security’s 0xQuit wrote a nine-part thread on the SAGA claim and how Apes and Punks can stay safe while participating in it.

“I've seen some hesitation about the claim process, so here's a quick rundown of how to safely claim,” he wrote. “Saga is a protocol designed for launching "chainlets", or dedicated blockspace in the Cosmos multiverse. Their initial airdrop just went live, and is available to a select few communities. To claim the airdrop, you'll need to install a Cosmos compatible wallet. The claim site recommends Keplr, and if you don't already have an alternative installed, I recommend sticking with that.”



Going forward, Apes+ hopes to see more communities and projects collaborating with the BAYC and the expanded Yugaverse.


“Apes have and continue to have the greatest social reach in the space,” Apes+’s N3on told the paper. “It’s a no brainer that projects and communities want to include them in airdrops and everything they do! Having apes on your side is a marketing hack!”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow SAGA and Apes+ and will let you know when and how you can ape into future airdrop opportunities.

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