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BORED BAGS: This Luggage Company Released A Line Of BAYC Inspired Suitcases!

As Bored Ape Yacht Club members wait for their next trip to the Otherside, this suitcase company released a line of limited-edition Bored Ape carry-on luggages exclusively at

Bugatti, a luggage company that has been creating bags since 1940, collaborated with several BAYC members and IsmToys to create four bored bags!

The hardside carry-on luggages are 21.50 x 13.70 x 9.80 Inches and are the perfect boring bag for Bored Apes and non-apes alike!

Each luggage cost $199 USD and features several well-known BAYC members such as Josh Ong, Bored Becky, Adam Hollander, among others.

One of the Bored Apes Bugatti collaborated with was BAYC member JBondwagon. Following the line’s release, JBond told the Gazette that he’s so thankful for the opportunities that he has had in the Web3 space.

“Being in Walmart before the year ends is not in my 2022 bingo card,” JBond said. “But yet here we are. It’s still surreal to me. BAYC IP, and Web3 in general, has been life changing for me. It allows a Filipino like me to have access to global opportunities I otherwise won’t have if I didn’t embrace Web3 early on. Forever grateful to BAYC, and Bugatti Group. Grateful to IsmToys too for connecting me with them.”

At the time of this article’s publication, it is unclear how long the bags will be available on Walmart’s website. If you’re interested in getting a bored bag, you can purchase one here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this release and will let you know what Bugatti does next!

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