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BORED GAMES: These Bored Apes Released An Automated Version Of Rock Paper Scissors Today!

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS SHOOT: These Bored Ape Yacht Club members just released a new game to keep Bored Apes entertained!

BAYC members Javier Lovato and Meirav Haber released an automated version of rock Paper Scissors dubbed the “Bored Ape Not Game.”

“I'm bored,” Javier tweeted this morning. “Any apes wanna play Rock Paper Scissors? @BoredApeYC@BoredApeNotBot !1169 RPS.”

“Meirav and I have been having a blast making hands for the ape community ever since we launched the GM bot,” Javier told the Bored Ape Gazette. “For the most part, people would use the bot, save the images and then re-post them on their twitter timeline. We wanted to figure out how to make the bot more engaging, so we had the idea to randomize the responses some way. Meirav had been drawing so many different hands for the ape community and one day I made the connection with the most iconic game you can play with your hands... Rock Paper Scissors, and right away we knew this was how we wanted to gamify the bot. After doing some research it was really cool learning that the game has Chinese origins and is considered one of the oldest hand games known to man. Overall we just love building for the ape community and wanted to see some fun on the timeline!”

In order to challenge your fellow primates, BAYC members simply need to tweet “@BoredApeNotBot or @Boredapenotgame followed by an “!” and their Bored Ape’s number then RPS”

Check out an example of the prompt tweet below:

@BoredApeNotBot !1234 RPS

As BAYC members play the Bored Ape Not Game, their wins are recorded on the Rock Paper Scissors leaderboard here:

The Bored Ape Not Game is currently live on Twitter, be sure to check it out!

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