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BORED IN THE CITY?: These Bored Foodie Frens Are Hosting A Dim Sum Brunch ApeFest Satellite Event!

If you're a New York-based Bored Ape who can't make it to ApeFest 2023 and is looking for 'dim sum'-thing to do in the Big Apple next weekend, these Bored Foodie Frens, along with the BAYC Community Council, have you covered!]

While Yuga Labs hosts its third annual ApeFest on November 5th, the Bored Foodie Frens, thanks to the BAYC Community Council , will be hosting a bored brunch satellite event dubbed 'Ape, you're all that and Dim Sum' in New York City!

“Having FOMO about missing Apefest HK?! Bored Foodie Frens got you covered,” the group wrote. “ Join us for an authentic Hong Kong experience right here in NYC with your ape fam. The Free Dim Sum Brunch Event is sponsored by BAYC Community Council. First come first served Tokenproof RSVP for BAYC & MAYC (+1 plus ones are welcome) We're have some IRL raffles of Ape goodies from Made by Apes frens. There will be IRL raffle prizes that will vibe with the "Hong Kong ApeFest 2023" You win some, you dim sum ! Please proceed to 2nd floor of the restaurant for the Party.”

Apes who are interested in attending the event can claim their tickets and RSVP here:

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the BAYC Community Council is funding various bored get together around the world that will coincide with the Club’s main event in Hong Kong!

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you coverage of all these satellite events and will let you know if one is happening in a city near you! Stay tuned for updates!

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