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BoredJobs Released A "PLAN" To Help Bored Ape Yacht Club Members Make Deals

To help Bored Ape Yacht Club members license their NFTs, BoredJobs released a licensing agreement template that anyone can use and modify.

“Many NFT collections gave their NFT owners a fantastic opportunity to commercialize the NFTs they purchased,” Mousebelt, the company behind BoredJobs said in a press release. “But unfortunately, they did not provide them with an instruction manual on how to put them to work.”

To help solve this problem, BoredJobs released its “PLAN.”

“Enter the PLAN (Product Licensing Agreement for NFTs), Mousebelt wrote. “Throughout 2022 the BoredJobs team has worked on analyzing a variety of agreements from brands while simultaneously working with a group of lawyers to create a series of templates we intended to open source to the community. We’ve taken inspiration from documents such as the SAFE made by Y Combinator. In short, before the SAFE, startup fundraising was SLOW and EXPENSIVE. After the SAFE, startup fundraising was much FASTER and LESS EXPENSIVE. Our goal is much the same. We want to do what we can to see NFT owners unlock commercialization opportunities for their assets while investing less time and money into their contracts.”

The “PLAN” is a 16 page “Product Licensing Agreement for NFTS” that lays out the specifics of a licensing deal and highlights the areas that BAYC members may need to adjust, modify, or sign throughout the document.

It is important to note that this “PLAN” document is meant to be modified and is not legal advice, according to Mousebelt. “This agreement is a template or form of agreement only, and it is intended to be modified for a particular business situation Mousbelt/Boredjobs makes no representation or warranty about the validity or enforceability of the agreement of any of its provisions, and Mousbelt/Boredjobs is not providing legal advice to you.”

If you’re interested in checking out the “PLAN” template you can find it here:

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