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BoredJobs Wants To Help Otherdeed Holders Monetize their Otherside Land

BoredJobs is getting into the digital real estate business and wants to help Otherdeed holders monetize their virtual property.

Mousebelt, the crypto incubator company behind BoredJobs, announced that the company would be expanding its services to Otherdeed holders.

“CLAIM Ownership of Your @OthersideMeta Now,” BoredJobs tweeted. “While we wait for construction to complete, prepare to put your land to work by claiming today on BoredJobs! What type of renters will your deed attract? Corporate events? Gameplay battles? Music Events?”

If you’re interested in having BoredJobs help with monetize your land, check out their website here:

"Today, people can put only their character and PFP NFTs to work,” Patrick McLain of BoredJobs told the Gazette. “However, we believe land will be the next NFT class to benefit from rental and IP rights tomorrow. While it isn't clear what benefits owning an Otherdeed will give to owners in the Otherside, we plan to watch the advancements and react accordingly."

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, BoredJobs opened its doors over the summer and has already signed several Bored Apes to licensing deals.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow BoredJobs and keep you posted on what they’re doing.

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