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Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady Appears To Have Joined The Bored Ape Yacht Club

NFL Quarterback Tom Brady appears to have aped into the Bored Ape Yacht Club, according to a retweet and weed joke.

Tom Brady may have joined the BAYC earlier today, picking up Bored Ape #3667. Bored Ape #3667 is a six-trait dark brown fur ape with a WW2 pilot helmet, a sleeveless logo t and a bored unshaven smoking mouth. If this is the GOAT’s ape, he purchased Bored Ape #3667 for 133 Eth or $460,000 USD.

While Brady has not overtly confirmed that Bored Ape #3667 is his ape, and he has not changed his Twitter profile photo to the primate, he did retweet a derivate project that appears to have sent him a trippy version of Bored Ape #3667.

“BAYC #3667 @TomBrady Welcome to the Club,” Tripsters—a project focused on bringing psychedelics to the NFT realm tweeted earlier this evening. “Glad you’re here! Honored to have the Goat of Goat’s as a Tripster.”

Following the psychedelic NFT’s tweet, the legendary Quarterback retweeted them and said, “I didn’t inhale.”

Based on Brady’s reply, many now believe that wallet “0x16C4304868307aF8c2002f74955243A431E083Fe” belongs to him.

Welcome to the club Tom," BAYC member oWylee.Eth tweeted along with two hilarious edits of Bored Ape #3667 as Brady.

Brady has been a supporter of cryptocurrency for years and even has laser eyes in his profile photo.

Further, Brady and his wife Gisele Budchen took a stake in the Crypto Firm FTX in June 2021, according to Bloomberg.

If Brady aped into the swamp, he wouldn't be the only bored ape in the NFL. As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Dez Bryant, Mark Ingram, Brandon McManus, Von Miller, Marlon Humphrey among others have all previously aped into the swamp.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Brady and let you know when and if he says anything about his bored ape!

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