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'CLAIM NOW OR CLAIM EXTRA': Mocaverse NFT Holders Need To Decide What To Do With Their $Moca Airdrops Before Thursday

Mocaverse Members have a lot to mull over between now and Thursday as they contemplate the project’s gamified airdrop and decide whether to claim their $Moca tokens now or hold out for larger allocations later.

Things are anything but boring in the expanded $Ape ecosystem today as the Mocaverse project launched its $Moca airdrop site.

Moca ID holders with over 1500 RP Points were invited to register to claim their tokens, while Moca NFT holders were presented with a choice: get your coins now or hold off on their airdrop and get more later.

“$MOCA airdrop is designed to recognize and reward those who are active and have strong conviction on our long-term vision For Moca NFT holders,” the project tweeted. “It all starts with a choice: Claim Now or Claim Extra. Register your decision by July 11, 4am UTC or it will default to ‘Claim Now’… For Moca ID holders, you must register on the registration site by July 11, 4am UTC to secure your $MOCA by TGE…. This is just the beginning, where your choices will influence your reputation for future rewards!”

“Do you Claim Now or Claim Extra,” Mocaverse Founder Tyler Durden tweeted this afternoon. “No problem if you Claim Now. Get more upfront, bonus goes into Bonus Pool. Either way, you get $MOCA before listing. Bonus Pool could be huge in lump sum, and will be a dedicated pool of rewards for those who Claim Extra! Part of the Bonus Pool could also be used to purchase Moca NFTs into the community treasury! All dynamic - your choice.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, $Moca is an omni-chain utility and governance token. It can be used on any chain and is designed to follow its community wherever they choose to participate within the broader 'Moca ecosystem,’ according to the coin’s Litepaper.

Currently, there is still a lot we do not know about $Moca and that’s by design, according to Durden.

“We want $MOCA to become the gem that you can find in this cycle, and not everything getting priced in on day 1,” Durden tweeted last week. “Listing and airdrop is only the start, and building up from there is far better than the opposite.”

While we wait to find out what $Moca has in store for the future, check out $Moca’s tokenomics below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the $Moca’s airdrop and will let you know what Mocaverse holders choose to do throughout the week. Stay tuned for updates!

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