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Clarivate Listed Five Of Yuga Labs' Brands On Its Top 100 New Brands Of 2023. The Full Story Here:

Clarivate, a British-American publicly traded analytics company that operates a collection of subscription-based services, released its list of the top 100 new brands of 2023 and several Yuga Labs’ NFT projects made the cut!

Yuga Labs is making waves outside the swamp and across the pond as five of the company’s NFT brands made Clarivate’s list of the top 100 brands in the world.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Kodas, Meebits, and Mutant Apes were all listed on Clarivate’s top 100 new brands of 2023.

“The modern brand landscape is constantly evolving in a world where there are more risk angles to consider when organizations plan a new brand launch,” Clarivate ‘s Director of Government and Content Strategy Robert Reading said in a press release about this year’s list. “Amidst these challenges, resourceful new brands are cutting through the noise."

Not only way was Yuga Labs included on Clarivate’s list, but the company also found itself in elite company with Apple and Huawei as the only three companies with five of their brands making the list.

“Some notable brand owners have multiple Top 100 New Brands on the list: Apple, Huawei and Yuga Labs have five each. Apple owns: SIGNTIME, SHAREPLAY, APPLE WATCH ULTRA, RESTORE FUND and APPLE FIND MY,” Clarivate wrote in a press release. “Huawei owns: AITO, FITAI, HUAWEI Care, Petal Maps and WATCH D. Yuga Labs owns: BORED APE YACHT CLUB, CryptoPunks, KODAS, Meebits and MUTANT APE YACHT CLUB.”

“This endorsement is a remarkable validation of Yuga Labs' diligent endeavors,” BAYC member ProfKeeting told the Gazette after he first shared the list on social media. “Clarivate, a prominent company with 11,000 employees specializing in data analytics, carries out thorough analyses that are scientifically grounded and highly regarded worldwide. Having examined 145 million trademarks/brands, Clarivate has chosen to include five of Yuga's brands in their prestigious TOP 100 list. Such recognition unequivocally affirms the exceptional quality of Yuga's work. With this confirmation in hand, there is no need for further validation from my point of view. The efforts put forth by Yuga Labs speak for themselves.”

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