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COMING SOON: Novel Labs' Serum City Is Set To Open Later This Month. Here's What We Know:

After something insane has been brewing for months in the expanded Yugaverse, Novel Labs is getting ready to debut its ApeCoin-powered, interoperable Web3 world builder game, Serum City, this October!

The hounds are howling, the Mutant Cartel is readying their weapons, and the expanded Yugaverse is preparing to make their mark on the streets of Serum City later this month, with the goal of working their way up the ranks and claiming their rightful place at the boss's table.

“Welcome to Serum City,” Novel Labs tweeted along with a teaser trailer on August 25th.

While we do not know exactly when Serum City will open this month, we do know that Mutant Cartel Oath holders, Mutant Hounds, Mutant Hound Fusion holders, MAYC, and BAYC members will be invited to claim a Serum City Access Pass NFT later this year.

Once in Serum City, it appears that players will have to pick a career ranging from weapons manufacturer to jeweler and build their cities.

From there, players will engage in activities such as stealing, trading, crafting, and building as they make their way up the Mutant Cartel ranks, progressing from lowly thieves to earning a seat at the bosss' table, according to the game’s website.

During the game’s first season, players will earn ‘HQ Blessing’ and ‘NFT CAR PARTS’ that will play a role in season 2!

For more information on Serum City check out the game’s website here: and the game’s press release from August:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Serum City and will let you know when the game is ready for the community to ape in! Stay tuned for updates!

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