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COMING UP: Here's What Voyagers Need To Know About This Week's Vessel Claim And Koda Decoupling:

Today was anything but boring around swamp as Yuga Labs announced that Voyagers will need to burn their Otherdeeds to claim their Vessels, decouple their Kodas, and participate in the company’s upcoming games and activations.

On Monday Yuga Labs took to Twitter and announced its new Otherdeed Expanded NFTs collection that Voyagers will be able to claim by burning their current Otherdeeds.

“Otherdeed Expanded is your key to unlocking future gameplay experiences and activations, including Otherside: Legends of the Mara,” Yuga Labs wrote in a press release. “Otherside will be best experienced using dynamic NFTs that can change over time. The new smart contract will offer Voyagers who choose to burn their original Otherdeed NFT access to Yuga’s new gaming experiences and activations outside of Otherside (the game). Two key components of Legends of the Mara are the use of Otherside Koda NFTs and Otherside Vessel NFTs, which will be integral pieces to playing the game. Throughout the course of gameplay, there will be opportunities to earn new entitlements, upgrade existing entitlements, and evolve entitlements earned, which we’ll learn more about closer to the release date of Legends of the Mara.”

Yuga Labs will be inviting Voyagers to burn their Otherdeeds for an Otherdeed Expanded NFT later this week during the Legends of The Mara Vessel claim and Koda decoupling.

“By participating in Koda Decoupling or Vessel Claim, your Otherdeed will be burned and will become part of Otherdeed Expanded," Yuga Labs wrote. “The new NFTs will be transferred to your wallet. These new collections are your key to unlocking gameplay experiences through the Otherdeed Expanded.”

The window for Voyagers to claim their Vessels and decouple their Kodas will be open indefinitely, according to Yuga Labs.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs announced that Voyagers will be able to claim one Vessel per Otherdeed they hold last week. These Vessels will be critical for Yuga Labs’ upcoming Legends of the Mara 2D experience.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this story all week and will let you know when Voyagers can claim their Vessels and burn their Otherdeeds for Otherdeed Expanded NFTs. Stay tuned for updates!

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