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COMING UP: Wreck League's Mech Mint Is Tomorrow At 12 P.M. EST. Here's What You Need To Know:

Animoca Brands and nWayPlay are powering their servers and gearing up for tomorrow’s highly anticipated Wreck League Mech Mint!

Tomorrow at 11:30 A.M. EST, Wreck League Allow Listed wallets will be invited join the mint’s waiting room prior to the game’s 12 P.M. Mech Mint

“Once you have your spot secured in the Queue, it’s important that you do not refresh the page, or close your browser,” Wreck League wrote on its blog. “Your spot should be saved if you have cookies accepted, but to be safe, do not close the tab! We created the waiting room to prevent gas fee explosions from too many people trying to enter the mint at once. When the mint starts, you will have to wait in the Waiting Room, which will inform you of the approximate time needed until it is your time to buy.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, over 200,000 Wallets submitted KYCs for the Wreck League mint, so it is encouraged that minters arrive early and join the pre-mint Queue!

Once the mint begins at 12 P.M. EST, Animcoa Brands and nWayPlay will be sell 25,000 Majestic Boxes, which come with the 10 pieces that players need to build a mech, for 150 $Ape. There will also be additional 5,000 Booster Boxes, which come with five random pieces that players can use to build and customize their mechs, for 50 $Ape.

During tomorrow’s mint, Wreck Leaguers will only be able to make one purchase during their turn, but they can mint up to 15 Majestic Boxes and five Booster Boxes in a single transaction, according to the game’s FAQ page.

After Wreck Leaguers mint their Boxes, they will have to wait until August 24th to see what rarity they got. Following the Wreck League boxes’ rarity reveal, the game will officially launch on September 14th, according to the game’s roadmap.

For more information on tomrrow’s mint, check out Wreck Leauge’s blog here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Wreck League’s mint and will bring you updates and coverage all day tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates!

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