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COMING UP: Yuga Labs Will Randomly Airdrop Punk In Residence Artist Nina Chanel Abney’s Super Punk World Collection To Her Super Cool World NFT Holders This Thursday

Punk In Residence artist Nina Chanel Abney’s Super Cool World NFT holders’ week will to be anything but boring after Yuga Labs announced that the company will randomly airdropping Chanel’s ‘Super Punk World’ collection to random holders this Thursday!

A week after Yuga Labs and Chanel debuted her Punk In Residence Super Punk World project and subsequent controversy surrounding everything from the art's aesthetics, politics, and the original minting mechanics, Yuga Labs tweeted that 500 of Chanel’s Super Cool World holders will randomly receive a Super Punk World airdrop on May 30th.

"We don't deserve @ninachanel,” Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunks General Manager Naughtalie Stone tweeted after today’s airdrop announcement.” Honored to have had the chance to work with Nina during her Punk in Residence tenure. Her expansive career includes work in the MoMa, Whitney, & Brooklyn Museum among others and collaborations with Timberland, Jordan, & Avant Arte. Nina’s advocacy for the Web3 space along with her commitment to its culture and ethos inspired her to expand into the 3D medium. We were thrilled to have our collection displayed amongst her incredible works at the Jack Shainman Gallery a couple weeks ago, where we saw first hand what onboarding the next wave of digital art enthusiasts could look like. Glad this collection is getting into good hands, and excited to see what's next for the project in her care.”


Along with this week’s Super Punk World airdrop, Chanel’s Punk In Residence collection is also currently on display at the Shainman Gallery in New York as part of her larger ‘LIE DOGGO’ collection.


“Concluding the exhibition is an interactive digital art installation, the culmination of Abney’s Artist-in-Residence with CryptoPunks, which signals the artists appellation of futurity,” the Shainman Gallery wrote on its website. “Her digital worldview reflects on virtual versus real world identities via the iconic digital collection - positing that perhaps the Western world’s so-called conflict resolution lies in an escapism of the difficult horrors of reality. In direct confrontation of the pricing differences evident between CryptoPunks’ digital avatars based on gender and skin tone (in which white, male avatars tend to generate a higher retail than their darker skinned or female counterparts), Abney has created hybridized figures that fuse racial components and blur the lines between masculine and feminine. Through these amalgamations of external signifiers, Abney challenges the notion of an inherent societal “value.” While enabling visitors to create their own virtual avatars, Abney shines a lens on a tendency to stay hidden, to remain silent, and to avoid confrontation and uncomfortable truths. This extends Abney’s commentary on the connections between surveillance culture, deliberate concealment, and the opaque self-fashioning prevalent in digital spaces and in-person interactions. Navigating the tension between speaking out and strategic silence in an era marked by online portrayals, cancel culture, and the contentious debate over free speech, Abney probes the boundaries of prevailing narratives and a fear of being ostracized, questioning the impact of these pressures on creativity and free thought.”

Punks, Apes, and art enjoyers can see Abney’s work on display at the Jack Shainman Gallery from now until October 5th, 2024.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this week’s airdrop. Stay tuned for updates!

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