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Crypto Youtuber, JRNY CRYPTO Changed His Twitter Profile Photo To A Gold Fur Bored Ape

Crypto Youtuber and Bored Ape Yacht Club member, JRNY Crypto Changed his Twitter profile photo to a gold fur ape yesterday evening.

“#NewProfilePic #NFTweek,” JRNY tweeted.

JRNY ’s new profile photo is of Bored Ape #3072. Bored ape #3072 is a six trait gold fur ape with a bored mouth and eyes. Bored Ape #3072 is also wearing a striped t shrt and beanie. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #3072 is the 658th rarest ape, according to Rarity Tools.

The post quickly gained traction racking up over 800 likes and 47 retweets by the time of this articles publication.

After JRNY updated his profile photo, many in the BAYC were quick to comment and welcome him to the club.

“Welcome to the BAYC man,” BAYC member and collector Dfarmer tweeted. “Amazing ape!”

While bored apes were quick to welcome the popular youtuber, some of his non-NFT followers were quick to chime in with the usual comments and issues with NFTs.

“Dope but I own it now,” Twitter user Raginox21 tweeted. “Thanks lmao.”

JRNY responded to this user tweeting, “Good, now go promote it for me.”

While JRNY just updated his profile photo to a gold fur ape, he is no stranger to the BAYC. In fact, he has the second largest wallet of bored apes. In total, JRNY holds 110 Bored Apes worth at least 1,165.26 Eth or $2,680,000. Jrny also holds 112 Bored Ape Kennel Club dogs worth at least 270.5 Eth or $622,150, according to Evaluate. Market.

JRNY is one of the largest crypto Youtubers with 545,000 subscribers. Be sure to check out his Youtube channel here:

Also be sure to follow JRNY on Twitter @JRNYcrypto

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