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Day Two Of The Sotheby's Auction Is In The Books. Full Recap Here:

Day two of the Sotheby’s Bored Ape Yacht Club auction is in the books and both lots’ current bids have went up.

On Friday the current bid price for the 101 BAYC lot went up to $4,800,000 USD. This was a $300,000 USD increase from Thursday’s highest bid. The 101 Bored Ape Kennel Club lots current price also increased to $550,000 USD. This is a $100,000 USD increase from Thursday’s highest bid.

The auctions will each remain open another five days. The auction house estimates that the BAYC and BAKC lots will sell for an estimated $12-$18 million and $1.5-$2 million respectively. If BAYC auction ends at the high-end of Sotheby’s estimation, that would price each bored ape at roughly $178,000 USD. This valuation is just a above the currently floor price of 42 Eth or $155,000 USD, according to Rarity Tools.

While it is still unknown how this auction will end, the BAYC is receiving a lot of attention from the traditional art world. Sotheby’s retweeted a video of its’ Decentraland location that featured BAYC and BAKC NFTs on the walls.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Sotheby’s auction and bring you more information as it becomes available.

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