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DECKED OUT: Bicycle Cards Teased Its Bored Merch To Commemorate Its Most Boring Deck Of Cards Ever!

As Bicycle Cards gets ready to deal its Bored Ape Yacht Club-inspired deck next week, the 138-year-old brand is putting its cards on the table and showing the community its full house of BAYC-themed merch to commemorate the most 'boring' deck of playing cards in history!

Bicycle Cards, who has previously collaborated with brands such as Disney and World of Warcraft, is set to release its most boring deck ever on August 8th featuring 52 Bored Apes!

“It’s the big day before the big day,” Bicycle Cards tweeted on July 31st. “We are so proud to announce Tuesday, August 8th as the go-live date for our BAYC Community Playing Cards Collection designed by @avtones+ available only on Stay tuned all week, more details otw.”

Following Bicycle’s go-live date announcement, the brand revealed some ‘special items’ to commemorate this special collab!

“For the true collectors, we are so excited to offer a 1000 piece limited-run of real Uncut @BoredApeYC Community Playing Card Sheets direct from the Bicycle factory in their original form, signed and numbered by the wizard @avtones,” Bicycle announced today.

Along with these uncut sheets, Bicycle will also be selling shirts hoodies and hats featuring Bicycle’s primate, Bored Ape #1227!

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Bicycle Cards joined the BAYC in October 2022 after the historic company purchased Bored Ape #1227.

Following Bicycle’s purchase, the company held an open casting call where they invited community members to apply to be in a BAYC inspired deck of cards!

After the contest ended, and Bicycle selected which Apes will be in the bored deck, the company has been teasing daily card art featuring notable BAYC members like Racs_o and Steve Aoki.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bicycle’s bored playing cards and will let you know more about the drop as the company releases more information. Stay tuned for updates!

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