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Denver Broncos Kicker Brandon McManus Has Been Making Moves At The BAYC.

Broncos kicker Brandon McManus has been making deals this week.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the NFL star sold his seven trait bored ape for 100 Eth on Monday. After the sale, the McManus began his search for another ape or apes.

“Gonna be a long night finding my next ape(s) @BoredApeYC,” he tweeted Monday night.

A day later, McManus began wheeling and dealing, according to his Opensea Activity. The NFL kicker purchased two bored apes, Bored Ape #2760 and Bored Ape #1456 for 47.697 Eth and 49 Eth respectively.

A day later, McManus sold Bored Ape #1456 for 57.5 Eth, making a 9.803 Eth profit in a day.

After the sale, McManus then purchased Bored Ape #5327 for 60 Eth.

“DMT x Laurel Wreath,” he tweeted after he purchased Bored Ape #5327.

McManus currently holds Bored Ape #5327 and Bored Ape #2760, but it seems like the kicker may not be done making moves.

McManus has both of these apes listed for 75 Eth and 57.5 Eth respectively. McManus has also not updated his Twitter profile photo to either of these apes yet.

McManus was one of the first NFL players to join the BAYC, ape-ing into the club back in late July.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow McManus and let you know when he finds his new profile photo ape.

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