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DOO-KEY DASH:Here's What We Know About The "Powershart" Power Up Packs For The BAYC Interactive Mint

The Bored ape Yacht Club released new information about the “Powershart” power up packs that will be available for purchase during the Doo-Key Dash interactive mint.

On Saturday, the BAYC released a new explainer video for its upcoming interactive mint dubbed the Doo-Key Dash. In the video, the club gave Dashers their first look at the “Powershart pack” that will be available for purchase during the game.

“Before a run, you’ll be able to buy a power-up pack, a trio of boosters that last for 10 minutes from purchase, for two APE,” the club wrote on its MDvMM website.

Today we learned that the Powershart pack incudes three different powerups: 1. Double Dash 2. Chart Topper 3. Gold Digger.

Following the BAYC’s explainer video, BAYC member and Community Manager NBATopShotEast shared a "TLDR" on the power-ups:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you more information on the Doo-Key Dash and the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey. Stay tuned for updates!

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