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DOO-KEY POINTS: Find Out More About The Five Different Fragments And Their Points In The DooKey Dash

As thousands of Sewer Pass holders continue to compete in the Doo-Key Dash underneath the swamp, the Bored Ape Yacht Club released a new tutorial video last night.

On Wednesday, the BAYC took to Twitter and shared its third Doo-Key Dash informational video.

This time, instead of giving Doo-Key Dashers tips and tricks on how to survive longer in the gutter, the club explained the point structure of the various fragments that players can collect in the sewers.

“Don’t forget, not all fragments in the sewer built the same," the BAYC tweeted. “Our new episode of #DookeyDash Tips and Tricks will break them down for you:”

“There are five catagories of rarity for the frgamnets,” the video stated. “and you can tell what it is by looking at the color of the glow.”

Find out more about the various fragments and how to tell them apart below:

Common: “Fragments that glow white are common and are worth 300 extra points.”

Uncommon: “Fragments that glow green are uncommon and are worth 500 extra points.”

Rare: “Fragments that glow blue are ratre and award 1000 extra points.”

Epic: “fragments that glow purple are Epic and award 1500 extra points.”

Legendary: “fragments that glow orange are legendary and award 2000 extra points.”

The Doo-Key Dash is still on going and Sewer Pass holders have until February 8th to get a high score for the summoning event. Remember, the higher the Doo-Key Dash score the better the mint!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Doo-Key Dash and will keep you posted on high scores. Stay tuned for updates!

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