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DooKey Dash Toad Mode Is Live! Find Out More About Scoring And How To Win A Companion Trait:

The Bored Ape Yacht Club reopened the sewers underneath the swamp for the club’s second skill-based mint earlier this week and thousands of Dashers have already aped in to lick some toads!

The BAYC’s “DooKey Dash: Toad Mode” has been live for two days and 12,793 Dashers have already dove headfirst into the gutter in an effort to win one of the 2,500 companion traits up for grabs.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, DooKey Dash Toad Mode is like the original DooKey Dash game mode expect for a brief period during the run when things get trippy. During this “Toad Mode”, all the in-game obstacles disappear, Dashers have less control over their avatars, and users are tasked with collecting as many toads as they can!

“From the 0:30 mark to the 1:05 mark during your run, you’ll have a chance to pick up the toads that appear,” Yuga Labs wrote in its blog post. “When Toad Mode ends at 1:05, it’s back to Dookey Dash business as usual.”

Take a look at the different toads and their point values that Dashers will encounter in the sewer:

After the Sewer’s opened on Wednesday, the BAYC took to Twitter and shared a detailed video on DooKey Dash: Toad Mode and explained how users will get two different scores during their runs.

"You will see two different scores,” the BAYC explained in the video. “Your first score follows the same rules of DooKey Dash, no Toad Points included. Your second score is just your Toad Points. Whatever you accumulated during the Toad Mode portion of the game. These two new sets of high scores will determine whether you unlock a companion trait to your Power Source during The Summoning. There are 2500 companion traits available, separated in two groups. 500 companion traits will go to the top 500 regularly scored runs. 2,000 additional companions’ traits will go to the top 2,000 Toad Point scores from the Toad Mode section.”

While we do not know much about these companion traits, the BAYC gave DooKey dashers their first look at them earlier this week.

“Whatever it is, whatever they are, they are drawn to the Power Source,” the BAYC tweeted on February 2nd .

DooKey Dashers have until March 1st to compete in the DooKey Dash: Toad Mode and try to win a companion.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the DooKey Dash Toad Mode and will keep you posted on Dashers high scores! Stay tuned for updates!

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