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DRINKS ON DOC: Applied Primate Engineering Is Celebrating 'Doctoberfest' Next Month!

The scientists and Sentinels at Applied Primates Engineering will take a break next month from exploring the metaverse and protecting all Apekind to enjoy a cold one with their frens!

Drinks are on Doc this October as Applied Primate Engineering, an expanded Yugaverse project that is telling the tale of six of the Mega Mutant Apes and is looking to be the Marvel Studios to Yuga Labs’ Disney, will be celebrating Oktoberfest with its community around the world!

"Exciting news, Scientists and Sentinel Operators," Applied Priamte tweeted earlier this week. “Doctoberfest is on next month with @littleatlas_xyz! Host local meetups this October, and Doc will deploy the refreshments!”

To kick off the Doctoberfest festivities, Applied Primate Engineering will be hosting an event at Bierhaus NYC on 3rd Avenue on October 1st at 6 P.M. EST!

Along with Applied Primate’s kickoff event on the 1st, the community has already planned two additional Doctoberfest events in Singapore in Detroit, according to the community calendar on LittleAtlas.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Applied Primate’s Doctoberfest celebrations and will let you know when and where the project's next meet ups are. Stay tuned for updates!

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