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ELECTION 2022: The Window To Nominate Yourself For The ApeCoin Special Council Closes In Two Days

The window for $Ape holders to nominate themselves for the ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council Election closes in two days.

The ApeCoin DAO’s first election season kicked off earlier this month and $Ape holders have until November 20th to formally announce their candidacy for Special Council.

$Ape holders who are interested in running for a seat on the Special Council will need to provide the DAO with some background information on themselves prior to the launch of their candidacies.

Take a look at what information prospective nominees will need to submit to the DAO in order to run for a Special Council seat:

$Ape holders who are interested in joining the race can nominate themselves here:

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, after the application process, the ApeCoin community will have the chance to meet all the nominees via their Discourse profiles. From there, the community will hold two different votes in December. The first vote will determine the candidates and the second vote will determine who will be on the Special Council in January 2023.

Check out the full election timeline below:

So far, nine $Ape community members have thrown their hats in the ring to run for a seat on the Special Council. Once the nomination process ends and candidates are KYC’d by the Ape Foundation, the Bored Ape Gazette will be bringing you an in depth look at each of the candidates. Stay tuned for updates!

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