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ELECTION SEASON: The ApeCoin DAO Is Holding Special Council Elections. Here's What You Need To Know

After the ApeCoin DAO approved of a pair of election Ape Improvement Proposals yesterday, the DAO kicked off its first Special Council Election season.

“The following post is the Nomination Announcement for the Ape Foundation Special Council positions for the term beginning in January 2023,” ApeCoin Discourse Moderator River wrote earlier today. “This announcement marks the start of the Special Council nomination process.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the $Ape community overwhelmingly approved of AIP-137 and AIP-138 titled “The Special Council Nomination Process” and The Special Council Election Process” respectively. As a result of AIP-137 and AIP-138 getting approved last night, the ApeCoin Special Council could have up to three new Council members by January 2023, according to AIP-138.

Today’s post from River kicked off the DAO’s first election season. In the post, River explained what information nominees need to submit to get on the ballot.

Check out the information checklist below:

Applications for the ApeCoin DAO’s first election open on Monday November 7th. $Ape holders will have until Sunday November 20th to submit their applications, according to today’s announcement.

Following the application process, the ApeCoin community will have the chance to meet all the nominees via their Discourse profiles. From there, the community will hold two different votes in December. The first vote will determine the candidates and the second vote will determine who will be on the Special Council in January 2023.

Check out the full election timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will bring you continues coverage of this ApeCoin DAO election season! Stay tuned for updates.

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