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FEELING BORED AND HUNGRY: BAG Reporter Vulkan Tried Bored& Hungry Yesterday. Here's His Thoughts:

Ever since Bored & Hungry opened up two months ago, I have wanted to visit the restaurant, try the food, and enjoy the experience. My recent trip to Southern California this past week was the perfect time to finally be able to do so.

I stopped by the Long Beach location on Monday and as I drove up to the building, the artwork immediately drew me in.

The vibrant colors and classic ape images are just as captivating in person as they are on Twitter. Even my four-year-old son noticed the drawings from the car and enthusiastically told us he wanted to go in. He loves browsing NFT collections with me so of course he is familiar with Bored Apes and Mutants.

Once I entered the restaurant, the vibe was reminiscent of the Yacht Club. It felt like I was ordering a burger in the swamp. My son also enjoyed taking a couple pictures with the Mutant cardboard cut-outs.

There was even a photoshoot going on for another NFT collection!

Being a mutant, I naturally gravitated towards the “Mutant Feeding” plant-based portion of the menu. Admittedly, I haven’t tried many plant-based burgers, but this was easily the best I have eaten. The plant-based meat was so soft some pieces fell off my burger as I ate it. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first took a bite, but it certainly exceeded my expectations. For those looking for traditional burgers, the “Boring Menu” section is the one for you.

Another highlight of the trip was the cups and containers the food and drinks came in. Each is decorated with an ape or mutant and acts as a great souvenir, especially the cups. I have a few I’ll be stowing away as keepsakes!

In closing, my experience eating at Bored & Hungry was truly unique. From the artwork to the vibe, I have never seen anything quite like it. I can’t wait to see how the new South Korea location turns out. I believe As more NFT-themed establishments are created, that we will always think of Bored & Hungry as one of the trendsetters who helped pave the way for this new food industry!

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